Paleo Potluck

Tomorrow my box is hosting a small New Year’s potluck in order to help jumpstart everyone on eating healthy, while giving new ideas and recipes a try. The goal is to make each dish “Paleo-ish,” because some of us (read: me) don’t really enjoy the idea of living without dairy (mostly cheese) and would have a next-to-impossible time of sticking to the Paleo diet.

I’m still trying to decide what I want to make. Maybe the soba noodles that I posted earlier?

I have the hardest time finding it in myself to meal prep. This really just stems from a place of not being able to each the same things multiple times a week for lunch (which in itself is ironic, because I eat the same thing for breakfast every week…but it just tastes so good!). So while I may not like changing it up for breakfast, I love a little variety in my lunches.  I finally ordered my first batch of meal-prep containers to help combat this and start 2017 with a fresh perspective on what it means to meal prep.

Do any of you have suggestions of preps that only make 1-2 servings each, but include a lot of the same ingredients? Let me know below!

I woke up today still sore from my Monday workouts (and probably yesterday’s workout), but I’m feeling good. I’ve decided to take a progress picture every week (because I know myself and know that taking one everyday will not happen). I think what I am most looking forward to is seeing how my body changes and how my view of my body starts to change.

Alright, food for today (breakfast, lunch and snacks):

1c Special K Cereal (164cal, 2F, 34C, 3P) with 1/2 c of Fairlife Chocolate Milk (70cal, 2F, 7C, 7P)

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

1 Banana (105cal, 0F, 27C, 1P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (180cal, 3F, 13C, 30P)

1c Roasted Root Vegetables (89cal, 2F, 21C, 2P)

1 Pork Cutlet (275cal, 10F, 8C, 19P)

Overall, that will put me at 1023cal, 21F, 127C, and 76P and leaving me 677cal, 19F, 43C, and 54P for dinner tonight.


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