Turn Down for WOD

Happy Thursday! This week has been pretty challenging for me overall, which is surprising to me because I haven’t been doing anything too too different (aside from taking 12 days off). I have this odd appreciation for my box and the people who I have come to know. They’ve become somewhat of a safety net and safe place where I know I’m accepted. Where I know I’m not judged.

How are your CrossFit boxes? Do they feel like a big extended family? Because mine sure does. When I walk in it’s a bunch of waves and smiles and head nods from each direction. In the middle of the workout there’s a familiar “Go Tucker!” when I start slowing down. So many people see and think of CrossFit as a bunch of over-muscular dudes who lift weights and talk about it all the time, but they miss the most important part: it’s a place people go to feel accepted.

Since starting CrossFit 5 months ago I have found this new confidence within myself. What first started out as nervousness and embarrassment from barely being able to lift the bar or knowing what the hell was going on, has turned into seeing a muscle up or a pistol squat and thinking “I bet I could do that!” Even if it means falling on my ass, because I can’t actually do that. It’s become a camaraderie of people who want to see each other succeed.


Food for the day (again, breakfast, lunch and snacks):

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (160cal, 2F, 10C, 24P)

10 oz Naked Juice – Green Machine (170cal, 0F, 42C, 2P)

1 sandwich with deli chicken (90cal, 1.5F, 0C, 20P) and cheddar cheese (55cal, 5F, 0C, 4P) on multi-grain bread (200cal, 3F, 35C, 6P)

1 thinkThin Chocolate Fudge Bar (230cal, 8F, 24C, 20P)

Which puts me at 1,045cal, 22F, 128C, and 90P and leaves me for dinner 655cal, 18F, 42C and 40P).


My box is hosting a Paleo Potluck tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to talk and hangout with the people that I see every night for an hour and a half.

It’s more than a fad, it’s a family.


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