Feed me. No, really. I’m hungry.

Yesterday, I took my first shot at meal-prepping. And while the food turned out great (yay!), I realized that I didn’t really pay too much attention to just how MUCH I was making. So my best friend also got meal prepped for a few days, because that is how much I had…..

My macro goals have changed slightly and I readjusted them to target more fat loss, while still supplying me with enough nutrients to make it through the day and build muscle. My mornings are aimed to be a little on the lighter-carb side of things and I’m focusing on getting my carbs in before bed (dinner).

Food for the day (breakfast, snacks, and lunch):

2 eggs and 2 pieces of Canadian Bacon (240cal, 15F, 1C, 16P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (200cal, 3F, 13C, 30P)

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt (140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

5oz Balsalmic Chicken (200cal, 3F, 5C, 40P)

1c Shrimp and Avocado Salad (200cal, 8F, 7C, 25P)

This leaves me at 980cal, 31F, 43C, and a whopping 125P. That leaves me with about 600cal, 5F, 80C, and 10P for dinner.



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