So, I slack.

It’s something that has been with me since I was a kid. I have all this motivation to do something and, inevitably, I fall short. And put it off. And off. And off.

Kind of like what has happened the past 7 days with my posts.

Last week my gym officially started our de-fat challenge and while I’ve been super excited to take part, I got a little bummed. Even though I knew i hadn’t really gained much muscle or lot much weight, I wasn’t prepared to get my body fat % taken and have none of my measurements move. At all.

I’m not letting it get in my way. I will do this.

Here’s to me putting myself to be 100% committed. Again. 🙂 Progress pictures are below.


Day 14.

Today was the day I realized I could do it. I woke up, stepped on the scale, and was so excited I had to take a picture.20170116_064818

It has been a few months since I’ve stepped on the scale and saw under 124.


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