About Me


Hi! My name’s Tucker. I’m the girl above laughing into my boyfriend’s neck as we attempt to take a cute photo for graduation (key word: attempt).

I just graduated from the University of Arizona and am doing my best to live the life I’ve always wanted. I started CrossFit back in July 2016 to jump start myself back into working out. After my first class, I didn’t think I would last more than a month; if that (I got the refund policy just in case). Surprisingly, I kept going back. At first, 3 days a week. Then 5. And before I knew it I found this wonderful and accepting community that wanted nothing more than to see me succeed and push myself to be a better me.

This is me trying to improve myself each day. My 2017 goal is to get my body fat percentage to 18. More importantly, my goal is to feel better everyday.