So, I slack.

It’s something that has been with me since I was a kid. I have all this motivation to do something and, inevitably, I fall short. And put it off. And off. And off.

Kind of like what has happened the past 7 days with my posts.

Last week my gym officially started our de-fat challenge and while I’ve been super excited to take part, I got a little bummed. Even though I knew i hadn’t really gained much muscle or lot much weight, I wasn’t prepared to get my body fat % taken and have none of my measurements move. At all.

I’m not letting it get in my way. I will do this.

Here’s to me putting myself to be 100% committed. Again. 🙂 Progress pictures are below.


Day 14.

Today was the day I realized I could do it. I woke up, stepped on the scale, and was so excited I had to take a picture.20170116_064818

It has been a few months since I’ve stepped on the scale and saw under 124.


Monday Blues

Hello from a few days gone. This weekend was full of things to do, so I wasn’t able to post at all. I have an archery javelina tag this season, so we were out trying to fill our tags on Saturday. Which, unfortunately, did not happen. Hunting is a lot like CrossFit, you never know how someone is going to react when you mention that it is something that you do. I’ve gotten to the point that I really don’t care, and that I know that I am an ethical and legal hunter; there’s nothing wrong with this. It also helps that my best friend is vegetarian and will ask me how my hunts go, so if she can be supportive there’s no reason for anyone not to.


I’ve been pretty proud of myself the past week, weighing in at just below 125 each morning which is something that I haven’t been able to consistently do for a while. My next progress picture will be up tomorrow and even though I know not much is going to be different, I’m still looking forward to it.

Onto food for the day:

1 egg white breakfast sandwich (2 eggwhites (34cal, 0F, OC, 4P), 1 whole wheat english muffin (120cal, 1F, 22C, 5P), 2 pieces of canadian bacon (40cal, 1F, 0C, 7P), and 1 slice swiss cheese (55cal, 5F, 0C, 4P) )

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (160cal, 2F, 10C, 24P)

1 c raspberries (65cal, 1F, 15C, 2P)

1 balance chocolate mint cookie crunch bar (200cal, 7F, 23C, 14P)

1 serving homemade lasagna (200cal, 6F, 19C, 9P)

All that will leave me at 1014cal, 26F, 110C and 88P which means I have 690cal, 14F, 50C and 42P for dinner tonight.

Turn Down for WOD

Happy Thursday! This week has been pretty challenging for me overall, which is surprising to me because I haven’t been doing anything too too different (aside from taking 12 days off). I have this odd appreciation for my box and the people who I have come to know. They’ve become somewhat of a safety net and safe place where I know I’m accepted. Where I know I’m not judged.

How are your CrossFit boxes? Do they feel like a big extended family? Because mine sure does. When I walk in it’s a bunch of waves and smiles and head nods from each direction. In the middle of the workout there’s a familiar “Go Tucker!” when I start slowing down. So many people see and think of CrossFit as a bunch of over-muscular dudes who lift weights and talk about it all the time, but they miss the most important part: it’s a place people go to feel accepted.

Since starting CrossFit 5 months ago I have found this new confidence within myself. What first started out as nervousness and embarrassment from barely being able to lift the bar or knowing what the hell was going on, has turned into seeing a muscle up or a pistol squat and thinking “I bet I could do that!” Even if it means falling on my ass, because I can’t actually do that. It’s become a camaraderie of people who want to see each other succeed.


Food for the day (again, breakfast, lunch and snacks):

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (160cal, 2F, 10C, 24P)

10 oz Naked Juice – Green Machine (170cal, 0F, 42C, 2P)

1 sandwich with deli chicken (90cal, 1.5F, 0C, 20P) and cheddar cheese (55cal, 5F, 0C, 4P) on multi-grain bread (200cal, 3F, 35C, 6P)

1 thinkThin Chocolate Fudge Bar (230cal, 8F, 24C, 20P)

Which puts me at 1,045cal, 22F, 128C, and 90P and leaves me for dinner 655cal, 18F, 42C and 40P).


My box is hosting a Paleo Potluck tonight and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to talk and hangout with the people that I see every night for an hour and a half.

It’s more than a fad, it’s a family.

Paleo Potluck

Tomorrow my box is hosting a small New Year’s potluck in order to help jumpstart everyone on eating healthy, while giving new ideas and recipes a try. The goal is to make each dish “Paleo-ish,” because some of us (read: me) don’t really enjoy the idea of living without dairy (mostly cheese) and would have a next-to-impossible time of sticking to the Paleo diet.

I’m still trying to decide what I want to make. Maybe the soba noodles that I posted earlier?

I have the hardest time finding it in myself to meal prep. This really just stems from a place of not being able to each the same things multiple times a week for lunch (which in itself is ironic, because I eat the same thing for breakfast every week…but it just tastes so good!). So while I may not like changing it up for breakfast, I love a little variety in my lunches.  I finally ordered my first batch of meal-prep containers to help combat this and start 2017 with a fresh perspective on what it means to meal prep.

Do any of you have suggestions of preps that only make 1-2 servings each, but include a lot of the same ingredients? Let me know below!

I woke up today still sore from my Monday workouts (and probably yesterday’s workout), but I’m feeling good. I’ve decided to take a progress picture every week (because I know myself and know that taking one everyday will not happen). I think what I am most looking forward to is seeing how my body changes and how my view of my body starts to change.

Alright, food for today (breakfast, lunch and snacks):

1c Special K Cereal (164cal, 2F, 34C, 3P) with 1/2 c of Fairlife Chocolate Milk (70cal, 2F, 7C, 7P)

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

1 Banana (105cal, 0F, 27C, 1P)

2.5 oz beef jerky (180cal, 3F, 13C, 30P)

1c Roasted Root Vegetables (89cal, 2F, 21C, 2P)

1 Pork Cutlet (275cal, 10F, 8C, 19P)

Overall, that will put me at 1023cal, 21F, 127C, and 76P and leaving me 677cal, 19F, 43C, and 54P for dinner tonight.

Oh my soreness.

I knew as soon as I rolled over this morning that I had taken too big of a break from working out over the last week. But, hey, I was home for the holidays and more focused on family than the gym, so I think I can let it slide.

The workout yesterday left me feeling good. It’s not too often that I do 2 in one day, but I just felt this urge to go back last night.

A little soreness is never a bad thing, it reminds me of what I’m working towards.

My food for the day (breakfast, lunch and snacks) looks a little like this:

1c Special K Cereal (164cal, 2F, 34C, 3P) with 1/2 c of Fairlife Chocolate Milk (70cal, 2F, 7C, 7P)

5.3 oz Tillamook Vanilla Greek Yogurt(140cal, 2F, 17C, 14P)

1 Banana (105cal, 0F, 27C, 1P)

3.25 oz beef jerky (260cal, 3F, 15C, 39P)

1 small sandwich with deli chicken (90cal, 1.5F, 0C, 20P) and cheddar cheese (55cal, 5F, 0C, 4P) on multi-grain bread (200cal, 3F, 35C, 6P)

This leaves me at 1084cal, 19F, 135C, and 94P with a deficit of 616-716cal, 26.5F, 63C, and 10P which will make up my dinner.

I’ve always felt like tracking my food would be the hardest thing, but it takes about zero effort if you pack your lunch and have it all laid out in front of you.



My dinner tonight consisted of:

1c Roasted Root Vegetables (89cal, 2F, 21C, 2P)

2 Pork Cutlets (550cal, 20F, 16C, 38P)

Which leaves me at around 1,723cal, 41F, 172C, 134P.


Please keep in mind, I’m not saying I eat healthy. I’m not saying this will work for you. But it works for me (for now). 🙂

WOD It Out

I know what you’re thinking. EVERYONE starts out the new year with these crazy fitness and health ideas, boasting about how ‘this year’ is ‘their year’ and nothing will stop them.

This isn’t like that.

Okay, it’s kind of like that.

I started CrossFit back in July and while I’ve stuck with it for almost 6 months now (surprisingly), I haven’t fully committed myself to this new lifestyle. This is me recommitting to myself and my health.

I want to make it to the CrossFit Open in 2018. I want to be able to run a mile without stopping. I have goals set and nothing will stop me from getting there (except pizza, and wine, and a boyfriend who doesn’t quite understand…).

This is me trying to be the best version of myself. This is me holding myself accountable and pushing myself a little more each day.

There is no crazy diet plan (because I probably wouldn’t stick to it). There is no intense workout schedule (because if I’m not enjoying it, I’m not doing it). There’s nothing wrong with doing it your own way and failing a few times, that’s how you figure out what works for you.

Here’s to day 1. 126 pounds. 25% body fat percentage. Let’s go.